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2 Million Pound Year Of The Rat Gold iPhone Range

2020 marks the metal (gold) ‘Year Of The Rat’ as the ultimate Chinese New Year symbol for wealth, prosperity and abundance – to commemorate this auspicious new year London based customisation and luxury gift company Goldgenie have created a collectable ‘Year Of The Rat’ Gold iPhone 11 range using solid 18k gold and VVS1 diamonds, along with a 24k Gold plated version. The design combines the Chinese New Year symbol of the Rat with a diamond-encrusted number 8, considered to be especially lucky (infinity, to make a fortune). The new range from Goldgenie is worth an eye-watering £2,140,560 with only 20 units of each version being made available.  


VVS1 Diamond encrusted 18k solid gold 'Year Of The Rat' iPhone 11 Pro Max



The company who have supplied bespoke and Luxury gifts to the Oscars, Elton John AIDS Foundation and ‘A’ list celebrities such as the Beckhams and P Diddy, created the worlds most expensive racing bike which was customised in 24k gold and which sold for a whooping £250,000, the sale was covered by Channel 4’s ‘Worlds Most Expensive Presents’. 

Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes, artistic designer of the ‘Year Of The Rat’ Gold iPhone 11 range commented, “Chinese culture has always fascinated me, not only is it alluring but steeped in a rich history of art and calligraphy that embodies one of the oldest civilisations in the world. The ‘Year Of The Rat’ Gold iPhone 11 range is meant to pay homage to Chinese traditions as well as recognising 2020 as a year of plenty, plenty”. 

Year Of The Rat iPhone Prices:

  • VVS1 Diamond encrusted 18k solid gold ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone 11 Pro Max £39,888
  • VVS1 Diamond encrusted 18k solid gold ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone 11 Pro £37,888
  • 18k solid gold ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone Pro Max £11,888
  • 18k solid gold ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone Pro £10,888
  • 24k Gold plated ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone Pro Max £3,288
  • 24k Gold plated ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone Pro £3,188

Each ‘Year Of The Rat iPhone’ is SIM Free so will work on all networks, comes complete with a crocodile embossed leather iPhone presentation case, certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty.

The range in all its glory can be seen on the fully encrypted website and via selected retailers, including their luxury retail shop in Dubai.

Telephone: +44 208 804 6200

Press contact: [email protected]

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Customers head to Goldgenie for the ‘Real Gold’ iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

Luxury customisation brand Goldgenie seem to be learning a thing or two from tech giants Apple, each year the ‘Bling Kings’ of the iconic smartphone launch their newly embellished 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum coated devices online, then through their London and Dubai locations, amassing huge pre-orders before the iPhone is actually available to purchase in-store.

This year is no different, with literally hundreds of orders to fulfil over the coming weeks and their first shipments arriving today, September 20th it looks like it’s going to be a ‘Golden Christmas’ for the company who got their first big break on the BBC2 Dragons Den show, where founder and entrepreneur Laban Roomes demonstrated his gold plating technology before being snapped up by ex-Dragon James Caan in 2007. The company who was founded in London and now has offices in Dubai say they were the first ones to apply Gold to the iPhone when it was first released later that year.

Ms Stephanie Fox, the office manager at Goldgenie was available to comment and said “The release of a new Apple iPhone is always an amazing event, we have had a continual stream of agents and managers representing HNWI and celebrities keen to secure their clients the new customised device, over the course of this weekend we have approx. 300 units arriving most of which have already been sold, these are from customers who put down a 50{e006f0a27f57b8027fcb119df6b50dc52cfbc299b4f1ec30b2707345be043b12} deposit some weeks back, we are now taking orders for the full payment and have another shipment arriving in the week which we guestimate will also deplete our stocks after we start taking orders again today”.

All encouraging stuff, I guess… especially in the face of slowing high street sales and the inevitability of Brexit.

Contact:  Office number +44 208 804 6200

Email: [email protected]

Goldgenie gives 10 to charity in run up to Eid al-Adha week

UK/Dubai based 24k Gold customisation and luxury Gift company, Goldgenie announces cash back offer for charity.

Goldgenie, a 24k Gold customisation and luxury gifts  company has announced for every sale from their shop  which includes 24k Gold Roses to a spectacular luxury iPhone XS range, they will either donate 10{e006f0a27f57b8027fcb119df6b50dc52cfbc299b4f1ec30b2707345be043b12} of the sale to a charity of the customers choice, or give that same amount as a “cashback” to the customer to donate as they see fit in the run up to Eid al-Adha which starts on August 11th and ends August 15th 2019.

















Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes said “A lot of people will never be able to justify paying in excess of £3,000 for a 24k Gold iPhone but, if 10{e006f0a27f57b8027fcb119df6b50dc52cfbc299b4f1ec30b2707345be043b12} of this amount can go to a charity that can help feed, clothe or provide invaluable medication to someone that is less fortunate than themselves then at the end of the day they have made a positive impact in someone’s life and hopefully without the guilt associated with purchasing a high value luxury gift for themselves or a loved one”.













The company which launched in Harrods after getting investment on the BBC hit T.V show Dragons Den show in 2007 from ex Dragon James Caan has gone on to supply luxury gifts for media giants Viacom, The Oscars and EMMY awards in Los Angeles not to mention the recent opening of their “must see” Goldgenie luxury gift retail store in Jumeriah, Dubai.

Laban Roomes goes on to say “The support from HNWI from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait not to mention the local Emirate people who we would like to especially thank has been overwhelming. We would like to give back 10{e006f0a27f57b8027fcb119df6b50dc52cfbc299b4f1ec30b2707345be043b12} of the retail price of any purchase of our luxury customised iPhone XS models or our range of 24k Gold Roses from our website, to a charity of their choice. If there is no charity that comes to mind we will give them a 10{e006f0a27f57b8027fcb119df6b50dc52cfbc299b4f1ec30b2707345be043b12} cash back to help bless someone they personally know, who may also be someone that is not as yet being recognised for the amazing work they are doing in their community.

About Goldgenie

Founded in 1995 by award-winning entrepreneur Laban Roomes, Goldgenie is the world’s premier gold customisation and luxury gift brand, invested in by James Caan, on the BBC TV programme Dragons’ Den show in 2007. The company has established itself as the go-to customization service for a number of blue-chip organisations and celebrities – including Amex, VISA, HTC, BlackBerry, Lexus, Rolls Royce, The Beckhams, Will Smith, Usain Bolt and Elton John  – Goldgenie is also a global leader in support of ethical gold mining.

The £2.3m Billionaire iPhone Xs and X Plus series.

Nothing stops Goldgenie from being the first to announce and offer the latest and very first luxury range of customised iPhones to the general public. The brand new addition to the Apple line up of iPhones which the company believe will be named the Xs and X Plus is only just a few weeks away from being launched, leaks of body designs and new features are flooding the internet – Goldgenie’s inside sources believe the X name will remain along with an Xs and X Plus version, their predictions from the past have been right on target receiving inside information from sources known only to the company senior management.

For the past 11 years the luxury brand has been ahead of the game and was the very first company to 24k Gold embellish the iPhone when launched 2007, other finishes included Platinum, Rose gold then a further range of other exotic finishes.

To mark the 23rd year of trading, Goldgenie which was founded in 1995 are producing just 23 Ultra High Net Worth solid Gold versions to mark the occasion,
total value of the range being more than £2.3million. The “Billionaire” iPhone Xs as it will be called will be limited to only 23 and numbered 1 – 23, each one will be stamped with the Gold standard Assay Hallmark at Goldsmiths Hall in London.

In addition the Billionaire iPhone will include the top membership tier for the the Goldgenie Concierge service, giving access to a 24/7 365 day VIP service where any request to complement clients lifestyles can be catered to by their very own dedicated concierge team.

Goldgenie pioneered the art of applying 24k Gold and other luxury finishes to several prestige car brands such as Roll Royce Bentley, Aston Martin and Lexus, them evolved into customising Apple, Blackberry and HTC smart phones along with other technology products such as iPads, and the iMac.

Goldgenie’s process and success gained the attention of several blue chip organisations such as Viacom, NBC , CBS, Crown resorts, The Emmy’s and Oscars who commissioned Goldgenie to provide A list stars with their luxury products.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is another notable client who had a range of Swarovski encrusted iPods laser signed with Elton’s signature named “Starburst” which sold out in Harrods and Selfridges when launched several years back to raise thousands of pounds for the charity. Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes also appeared on the Channel 5 Billionaire Kids show last December which was the most watched show of the series, he was seen presenting an iPad he had just customised in pure 24k Gold to a Billionaires daughter.

As well as the Billionaire iPhone Xs range the company will also be continuing with the standard luxury 24k Gold Elite range that has been one of the brands most successful products to date, a company spokesman stated that for the first 100 orders their offer price will be the same as the current website range.

New orders can be secured right now with just a 50{e006f0a27f57b8027fcb119df6b50dc52cfbc299b4f1ec30b2707345be043b12} deposit from the fully encrypted Goldgenie website, or payment can also be made by bank transfer.

Goldgenie who have offices in London Victoria and their “flag ship” store in Dubai plan on launching the NEW solid gold iPhone from London and the Dubai luxury store simultaneously several weeks after Apple announces it’s launch of their new range of smartphone in early September 2018.

Contact: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 208 804 6200
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Midas Touch looks to inspire budding entrepreneurs

Goldgenie a London based luxury gift company that specialises in customising every day items in 24k Gold has put together a package to make the normal person from home turn things into Gold just like the fabled King Midas.

The Goldgenie customisation system is a complete turn-key package. All major elements of starting up a business are included as well as support from Goldgenie’s head office.

Founder Laban Roomes who won investment for his Gold plating system from multi millionaire business man James Caan on the hit TV show Dragons Den said:

“I am proud to have planted the seed that has created over 40 successful entrepreneurs through my initial guidance and advice for those wishing to run their own successful businesses. Historically the most successful people with the Goldgenie Business Opportunity have been the ones who have had the hunger, ambition and motivation to make a real success of themselves, particularly in the luxury customisation and gold plating industry, just like I did when I was just starting out as an entrepreneur.

The latest offer is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to come forward and profit from this.

The package costs just £2,973.00 (includes VAT)

If you would like to start your very own luxury customisation business from home or as part of a ‘bolt on’ to your already existing business then this limited special offer may be just for you.

If purchased before July 26th 11.59pm Goldgenie will include a double Gold solution package which will make back twice the amount of your investment (£6,000) along with a fully functional website and branding for your new business.

This is an unprecedented move from the luxury brand who have already had a string of very successful entrepreneurs come from starting their award winning Goldgenie Business Opportunity. Most Goldgenie opportunity holders start earning executive level salaries within the first year of operating. 

This limited time offer package includes the following:

• 1 x Goldgenie Business Opportunity packages including gold plating machine and DOUBLE the amount of Gold solution.
• A fully functional website.
• Training videos and online Tutorials.
• 10{e006f0a27f57b8027fcb119df6b50dc52cfbc299b4f1ec30b2707345be043b12} commission affiliate link/Control panel to track sales through the Goldgenie website.
• 10{e006f0a27f57b8027fcb119df6b50dc52cfbc299b4f1ec30b2707345be043b12} off all further packages/solutions/consumables.
• Training can take place with a professional gold technician at their London Victoria offices.
• Lifetime warranty on the gold plating system
• All leads that arise in your area will be passed to you.

The brand has an established reputation of creating luxury gifts for celebrities and corporate clients serving some of the most famous celebrities and illustrious companies in the world, both in the UK and internationally.

Goldgenie Business opportunity holders can expect, with a little hard work to also attract orders from this level of clientele and grow their business in a relatively short time scale.

With excitement mounting already over the latest iPhone in September 2018, buyers are beginning to clamour for news of when and from where they will be able to pre-order theirs. This is the ideal time for those who are thinking about investing in their future as Goldgenie is working diligently to prepare its Gold embellished version of the all new iPhone due in just two months time which purchasers of the Goldgenie customisation system will be the first to know how to customise.

This Goldgenie system will still be available after July 26th 11.59p.m but the added double Gold solution, functional website or company branding
will not be included:

Buy online now
Goldgenie Opportunity page and online demonstration

France’s 22k Solid Gold iPhone X


To commemorate France winning the World Cup in Moscow for the second time, luxury customisation brand Goldgenie has created a Limited Edition Gold iPhone X incorporating a precision engineered solid 22k Gold back housing to celebrate France as 2018 World Cup champions.

The luxury smartphone is limited to just ten pieces, each displaying a laser engraved 22k Gold Hallmark from the London Assay office as part of the design. Other attributes are that the limited edition iPhone X Ultima can be used on any network throughout the world and is presented in a cherry oak luxury custom presentation case complete with a life time warranty. It is priced from £9,997.00 and are uniquely engraved with the champions edition number. For those who want the luxury phone without any reference to the world cup can also purchase one exclusively from Goldgenie

France last won the FIFA World Cup on home ground in 1998 when France defeated Brazil 3–0 in the finals to lift the cup for the first time.

Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes commented, “It is an honour for our company to have been involved in creating these outstanding pieces of “smart art” as we like to call our customised iPhone X range, but these pieces are truly exquisite, having a precision engineered solid 22k Gold back and Hallmarked by the London Assay Office, this range of collectibles are key to commemorating France bringing home the World Cup for the second time”.

[email protected]

+44 0208 804 6200

High res images can be downloaded here.

A 24k Gold Tennis Racket the Pros Won’t Want to Smash

Inspired by the winning performances from seasoned heroes such as Djokovic, Williams and Federer alongside rising stars such as Kei Nishikori and Eugenie Bouchard in the Grand Slam tournaments over the year, Goldgenie technicians decided to create a limited edition 24k Gold champions racket but only for those who have earned their stripes on court.
The ultimate winner’s racket has been embellished in 24K Gold by Goldgenie’s expert customisation specialists. Due to the added weight and embellishment of the 24k gold strings, Goldgenie are presenting it as an ornamental piece, making it a unique trophy for any tennis player or tennis enthusiast.
We saw three pros smash their rackets in the heat of the moment over the course of the U.S. Open which came to a close 2 weeks ago, While racket smashing can be entertaining for the audience, the pros can be issued undesirable code violations for “damaging a racket”. After almost a lifetime of training and enormous dedication, it is understandable why a professional could take their frustration out on their racket in a fit of frustration if a match is not going according to plan but for those who do this a little too often, they might consider using a 24k Gold Champion’s Racket as a preventative measure. We’re quite sure its value and its beauty might make them think twice!
The first of its kind in the world, with only a limited edition of 99 being produced Gold tennis will be created, each one laser marked with its number in the series. Making a beautiful gift, each racket will be presented in a quality custom frame. Goldgenie will be offering their latest creation to Novak Djokovic, the winner of the 2018 men’s final in London.
The Limited Edition 24K Gold Tennis Racket may also be ordered directly from their website and is priced at £1200.

Limited Edition 24K Gold Champion’s Tennis Racket

To download high res images of the 24k Gold Tennis Racket please click here

24k Royal Wedding

A 24k Royal Wedding

People around the world are preparing to witness the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Theirs truly does seem a love story straight out of the movies. Dashing, eligible Prince and glamorous American actress fall in love, a romance many will not soon forget. In honor of the special occasion, Goldgenie, the world’s premiere luxury gifting and customization company, presents a 24k gold product that not only memorializes their love, but that will without question become one of the most talked about smart phone creations yet.


The limited-edition 24k gold iPhone X is the brand’s unique twist on a royal-inspired keepsake. This particular version launched in anticipation of one of the world’s most publicised weddings to date, features a truly one-of-a-kind touch as it bears an engraving of Prince Harry and his bride on the back. For those who simply cannot get enough of their love story and want to own a piece of royal history, this is indeed the ultimate gift.


Goldgenie has spent several decades perfecting the art of customization of gold, diamonds and Swarovski crystals. As such, their now global reputation has come to be synonymous with the utmost in quality, luxury and sophistication. No other company has produced such incredible pieces and no other brand can transform the everyday into the amazing. From 24k gold ten speed bicycles, to coffee makers, to iMacs, the Goldgenie team creates pieces that are artistic as well as seamlessly functional. With this latest iPhone, they have produced a stunning memento of a joyous event, expertly captured the likeness of the soon-to-be Prince and Princess, and have given their eager customer base yet another collector-worthy piece.


When asked why Goldgenie opted to memorialize the royal wedding in this way, CEO and founder Laban Roomes explained: “This really is an event that in some ways brings the world together. It is certainly unfolding on the world’s stage and so we wanted to offer our elegant interpretation of this spectacular love story.” Roomes went on to note that his clients like to have access to specialty (speciality?) gifts and accessories that you simply cannot find anywhere else. A gold iPhone X with an hand crafted image of this magical couple on the reverse is most definitely something that you would be hard-pressed to find in any store, online or otherwise.


Having created bespoke gifts for A-listers, blue chip companies and world dignitaries, Roomes and his very capable team are no strangers to high profile, luxury products. This Prince Harry and Meghan Markle emblazoned iPhone X fits perfectly within a portfolio of products that is already full of surprises.  As Roomes says, “We celebrate events like this the best way we know how, through gold.”


The royal wedding is set to take place 19 May 2018 at Windsor Castle. The event, scheduled for 12:00 pm, will be televised; meaning, the world will be watching. Goldgenie could not have picked a more perfect way to capture the spirit of the wedding and the exquisiteness of the couple’s love.


[email protected]
+44 208 8046200

Goldgenie Goes Crypto

Goldgenie the luxury gift and customisation superstars have announced that they have begun to accept cryptocurrency for online and offline orders.

The move has been prompted from requests at their Dubai shop from HNWI’s who have a proportion of their wealth stored in such digital assets such as the well-known Bitcoin and the other top 10 cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Neo.

Goldgenie is famous for making the world’s most expensive 24k Gold racing bike, bringing Gold phones to the Emmy’s and Oscars for Elton John, Mark Wahlberg and Helen Mirren to name just a few. 

The company was invested in by James Caan on the hit BBC TV show “Dragons Den” where entrepreneurs showcase their business ideas for a share of their company.

Founder of Goldgenie Laban Roomes said they decided to introduce cryptocurrency payments due to their increasing popularity.

“We had to start offering payment options for cryptocurrency, it’s a no brainer, there are so many individuals and companies out there holding Bitcoin and a host of other digital assets with nothing to spend it on.

“I personally know two cryptocurrency multi-millionaires, who are both under the age of 30 and started investing not even 3 years: they have been offering to pay me in crypto for some time now.

“Cryptocurrency is the future and as a company we believe this is a natural progression in e-commerce.

“To accept crypto online has already started to pay dividends for us, with an order of just over 11 Bitcoins received yesterday for some pieces in our Gold watch range which may not have sold otherwise.

 “We welcome the evolution of this new currency,” said Laban.


[email protected]

P +4402088046200

The world’s first 24k gold portrait of Sheik Muhammed in Dubai

Goldgenie, the UK based product customisation company firmed for creating gifts for the otherwise ungiftable rich ones is opening yet another major store in Dubai.

Situated in Jumeriah, this shop is perhaps their most premium location yet and as always is showcasing numerous stunning Goldgenie creations.

Commenting on this new venture, founder Laban Roomes notes that the company is truly ecstatic about the central location.

“It’s truly a stunning luxury store which is highly accessible to anyone. We’ve put a great deal of thought and care into the store’s layout and overall look. The important thing with this new venue is to really showcase the gold and luxury products and the undeniable luxuriousness of our brand,” said Laban.

The shop is set to attract a multitude of new customers as well as those who’ve already experienced the company’s amazing array of gold offerings and customer care.

In highlighting the extent of their 24k gold capabilities, the Goldgenie team are showcasing numerous 24k Gold, rose gold platinum, Swarovski and even high-quality diamond gifts, including their main feature of the world’s first portraits of Sheikh Muhammed and the Kaaba created in 24k Gold.

The attention to detail, the intricacy of the work, and the impeccable likenesses of these pieces represent yet another layer of what Goldgenie can and will do with precious metals.

Customers who visit the new Dubai-based shop will get to see first-hand how exquisite the 24k portraits really are. Goldgenie can also undertake to produce new creations for any discerning client.

Indeed, luxury is at play in every facet of the new store.

From the 24k Gold iMac to a range of luxury iPhone X in a number of luxury finishes, to even the unexpected such as 24k gold shoes, Goldgenie has a definite treat in store for any client who visits their new location.

As they are a worldwide presence already, Goldgenie’s newest Dubai shop only stands to increase their global reach.

As they have had the opportunity to work with celebrities, blue chip companies and heads of state, the Goldgenie team is certainly no stranger to providing the world’s elite with the best of the best when it comes to gifts, out-of-the-ordinary products and world-class gold plating.

This shop will be another venue through which they can make their one-of-a-kind statement.

To experience Goldgenie’s magic for yourself, you might just want to check out the new Jumeriah, Dubai location—an incredible shop, the friendly staff, and some of the most amazing and unique gold products


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P +4402088046200