Ethical Gold

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Laban recently took part in a BBC2 documentary on Gold, it required him to live in the townships and villages with two other contributors Anthony alias DJ Talent and Margo Grimshaw millionaire property developer.

They actually lived with a Gold mining village in South Africa and then in Ghana, Laban learnt first hand what it is like to be a miner, being the first human being outside a notorious mining village to actually venture down into the ground using rudimentary tools and equipment.
Goldgenie are currently supporting a project in Ghana where ethical Gold mining will be standard across the country as many communities are still mining illegally without adequate equipment and training, costing life’s.

Please see some pics of this amazing journey – plus featured below are some of the children Laban is currently sponsoring, making sure they finish their schooling to achieve their long term goals of becoming Doctors, lawyers and business people.