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Custom Gold iPhone 13

Goldgenie Open Pre-orders for 24k Gold iPhone 13 Limited Edition Range

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 5th September 2021 –, purveyor of the world’s most luxurious gold gifts, today announced that the company will soon be taking pre-orders for their exclusive custom-finished versions of the iPhone 13 range of smartphones. Starting on September 15th, the company will be accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 13 in 24k Gold, Platinum, and Rose Gold finishes. 

Upon Apple’s official launch of the iPhone 13, Goldgenie will make limited supplies of the Gold iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max available for purchase solely through its website. Orders will be shipped 21 days following Apple’s launch taking place later in September. While details of the new phone have not officially been revealed, rumours suggest it will come with a 120 Hz LTPO display on both of the Pro models as well as improved battery life and camera quality. 

“We were the first company in the world to offer the now-iconic gold iPhones that we have become known for.” Said Founder Laban Roomes. “Given the popularity of past iPhone releases, we fully expect our inventory to sell out quickly. Visiting our website on September 15th to place a pre-order is the best way to ensure your reservation of this very special limited edition gold gift.” 

Prices for the custom Gold, Platinum, and Rose Gold iPhones from Goldgenie start from £3,200 and come with a lifetime warranty on the device and custom finish. The sim-free phones work on all networks and are available with a 256gb or 512gb memory. Goldgenie also supplies an official Certificate of Authenticity with each purchase along with a luxury iPhone 13 gift box. The company plans to release the custom phones as limited editions with only 500 of each custom finish available. 

“As a VIP bonus for our valued clientele, we also offer complimentary laser engraving with each order.” Added a representative for the company. 

While Goldgenie is not associated with Apple Inc. or its brands, Goldgenie has become known worldwide for its exclusive gold customisations of Apple iPhones, iPads, Apple watches, MacBooks and more. In addition to Apple products, the company specialises in limited edition luxury gold gifts including Samsung products and real long stem roses dipped in gold as well as custom device and custom gift gold plating services for a broad range of products for personal and business gifting. 

For more information about Goldgenie’s luxury custom gifts, as well as to place an order for the new iPhone 13 limited editions phones when they are available, visit the website at


Since 1995, has been a leading source of the world’s most luxurious gifts. Our gift collection includes the iconic range of Apple products as well as luxury gold gifts for all occasions. With gold customisation services at the heart of what we do, London based Goldgenie has become an international company with a flagship luxury retail store in Dubai. Inquire about custom services online at

Click the link below to download 24k Gold iPhone 13 High-Resolution Images

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

September 15, 2020, came along with Apple rousing the internet with the release of its Apple watch series 6, which is rumoured to have qualities that match those of a professional health expert.

New Features Apple Watch Series 6

Gold Apple Watch 6 with Natural Python Strap
Gold Apple Watch 6 with Natural Python Strap

The watch is said to deliver breakthrough wellness and fitness capabilities like featuring a blood oxygen sensor that offers users even more insight into their overall wellness. As opposed to the previously released Apple Watch Series, the Series 6 delivers many notable hardware improvements, including a faster S6 System in Package (SiP) and next-generation always-on altimeter, along with its most colourful line-up yet, featuring a beautiful palette of new case finishes and bands. watchOS 7 brings Family Setup, sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, new workout types, and the ability to curate and share watch faces, encouraging people to be more active, stay connected, and better manage their health in new ways.  This is a watch that goes beyond the standard of watches, imagine having a watch that can improve your health with workout suggestions and a health tracker.

As every Apple product usually does, the series 6 had the world in awe at their most current innovation, and I believe it is safe to say that many people lust after the watch but better than this improved watch series, you could have a uniqueness to your watch that no other watch will possess.

In the world of luxury, two of the same kind is repetition and is unforgivable. We have an offer that will make the hair on your skin stand in excitement, that will whisper the most fantastic love words in your ear

Apple Watch Series 6 Customization on Goldgenie

Gold Apple Watch 6 with Gold Python Strap
Gold Apple Watch 6 with Gold Python Strap

Goldgenie offers the new apple watch series 6 in a range of customised jewels; you can have the straps of your watch replaced with the purest and finest 24k gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Swarovski crystal, or Diamonds. Our selection gives you a choice of stainless-steel watch straps and cases customised in one of the above finishes, or if preferred, we can also supply the Apple watch 6 series in solid 18k gold. My love language is a first-class luxury, what’s yours?

The best things are rare to find which is why there is a limited offer for customisation. The best things are also best felt rather than heard about or sighted. The feeling of luxury is second to none, a second person cannot feel what you feel by the stories you tell them, they have to experience it for themselves, and this best of luxury, you will only find at

Gold Apple Watch 6 with Blue Python Strap
Gold Apple Watch 6 with Blue Python Strap

We understand that people may worry about the genuineness of the product but Goldgenie has been around since the nineties and they have provided uncompromised services to high-ranked members of the society all over the world and there has never been a dissatisfaction with the services. But for clarity sake and assurance, all services and item purchased from Goldgenie are always backed with a certificate of originality, this certificate will state all the qualities of the jewel so you can stuff your fear away now.

For convenience purposes and for those who wish to fast track their items, there is an incorporation of a crypto technology payment system to ensure that payment is smooth and error-free

Laban Roomes Presented with EBR’s Business Icon of the Year Award 2014

Last night, Jacqui Brown, Editor of Panache Occasions Magazine, presented Laban Roomes with his Business Icon of the Year Award, which she had collected on his behalf at the Ebony Business Recognition Awards, which were held in London on Friday 7th July 2014.  The Ebony Business Recognition Awards Panel recognised Laban Roomes, Founder of Goldgenie Global, as Business Icon of the Year for his achievements in business.

Unfortunately, Laban was unable to attend the event as his flight was delayed back to the U.K. last week.  He had been in Burma with his designer to source precious metals and diamonds for the impending iPhone 6 launch.  Insider sources have given the Goldgenie team an idea of the new housing specs and they are very busy preparing their new customisation designs to coincide with the release, rumoured to be later this year.

Laban, who had been featured in Panache Occasions Magazine earlier in the year said,

“It is  a true honour to be recognised by the EBR panel.  It motivates me to continue developing my business and inspiring others to achieve success.  Dreams do come true but you need to have a strong vision and hard work ethic to turn them into reality.  Careful planning is integral to business success and I always have one eye on the future, especially now as we look forward to Apple’s imminent iPhone6 release.”

Jacqui Brown presents Laban Roomes with EBR Business Icon of the Year Award

Jacqui Brown presents Laban Roomes with EBR Business Icon of the Year Award 2014

Laban Roomes with EBR Business Icon of the Year Award 2014

Laban Roomes with EBR Business Icon of the Year Award 2014

Laban Roomes with Jacqi Brown of Panache Occasions Magazine

Laban Roomes with Jacqui Brown of Panache Occasions Magazine

Goldgenie look foward to the iPhone6 release

Goldgenie look forward to the iPhone6 release

Register your interest in pre-ordering Goldgenie’s 24ct. Gold iPhone 6 as release is anticipated this Autumn..

There is much speculation worldwide about what Apple’s new iPhone will look like when it is released.  There is also much speculation about when it will be released (rumour has it later this year but no date has been announced…).  At Goldgenie, we do not know the whats and the whens any more than anyone else but are certain about one thing, we know that when Apple release a new iPhone, demand for our 24ct gold-plated models outstrips supply.

Last year,  we had 1,436 orders for our 24ct. Gold customised iPhone 5s smartphones in the first week of their launch alone!  With a more dramatic transformation expected in the new series, we anticipate even higher demand this year.  This summer, we are inviting customers to register their interest in our luxurious 24ct. Gold interpretations of the iPhone 6 and we will be taking pre-orders as soon the release date is confirmed by Apple.  In the meantime, our skilled technicians are busy preparing themselves with pots of yellow and rose Gold, Platinum, Diamonds and Swarovski crystals, worktools at the ready!

Be the first to hear about the release and register your interest in pre-ordering one here to ensure your chance of being one of the first to receive your beautiful Goldgenie customised 24ct. Gold iPhone6 soon after Apple’s launch.


Goldgenie Sponsors Mikey Strong’s Wedding in Los Angeles

Goldgenie were proud sponsors of Mikey Strong from Konvict’s wedding at the weekend, supplying 24ct. Gold Roses for the happy couple’s bridesmaids.
Akon, pictured below and who is a  longtime friend of Mikey Strong gave use of his L.A Mansion for the celebrations.
Goldgenie founder and CEO Laban Roomes sends his good wishes,
“We are privileged to have contributed to this momentous occasion and wish the new couple Gods blessings and lasting happiness.”

Laban Roomes meets Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, at The London Music Awards

Great meeting with Boris Johnson London Mayor in regards to investing in young people in the capital.  Boris spoke about the role of London as the birth place of some of the great trail blazers in music and business.

Boris Johnson, in our opinion, is the best Mayor London has ever had. He is a Champion for good causes, being described by the Evening standard as the “Richard Branson” of charities.
Goldgenie are donating a 24ct. Gold HTC One sim free phone to the Mayor to commemorate his 50th Birthday later this month, which will be auctioned by him and proceeds given to a charity of his choice.
Laban Roomes said “Absolute pleasure meeting with Boris not only is he charismatic but he is a leader for change and innovation in the city, looking forward to celebrating his 50th with him, the man has style.”

Boris Johnson with Laban Roomes at The London Music Awards

Jordan Belfont receives 24ct. Gold Luxury phone:

Goldgenie CEO Laban Roomes and team were invited to meet the real “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfont at the London Excel centre last night to unveil his 24ct. Gold HTC ONE phone to this modern day “Midas Touch”.

Jordan who made over $200 million in his short career has vowed to pay back just over $50 million (his convicted liability) to the victims who suffered losses through his company at the end of his worldwide tour. (More Detail)