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Goldgenie ‘Crypto Bull Run’ 24k Gold iPhone 13 range

Goldgenie ‘Crypto Bull Run’ 24k Gold iPhone 13 range

London, United Kingdom, 1st December 2021 – Goldgenie International, purveyor of the world’s most luxurious iPhones and gold gifts, announced their Limited edition ‘Crypto Bull Run’ 24k Gold iPhone 13 Pro Max range today. The collection features the designs of blockchain giants Dogecoin, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Verasity, Avalanche, Shiba Inu, Centric, and Zilliqa laser engraved and individually numbered.

Goldgenie Crypto Bull Run

“Only 50 units of each device will be made, and will sell for £3,997.00 each,” said Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes, “The intention is to celebrate a unique epoch in the evolution of technology and financial autonomy through the emergence of the blockchain companies we are celebrating.  Those involved in crypto will experience in the coming weeks and months one of, if not the biggest bull run since Bitcoin was created in 2009 and decided there was no better way to commemorate this golden period than by launching the ‘Crypto Bull Run’ 24k Gold iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TB) range.”

The new 24k Gold customized iPhone collection comes on the heels of a new Covid-19 variant, nicknamed Omicron, which recently sent the crypto market into a meltdown but has also recently started to recover after the news. Dr Angelique Coetzee chair of the South African Medical association who first reported on the variant said the U.K were “panicking unnecessarily” as new cases encountered in South Africa are “extremely mild”.

 Industry experts on Twitter such as Plan B @100trillionUSD with his stock-to-flow model and TechDev @TechDev52 who despite the new Covid-19 scare still believe Bitcoin can get to a minimum of $100,000 USD and as high as $350,000 USD by 2021 month-end. BTC prices like these would be the catalyst for an altcoin season of epic proportions. A tall feat for sure, but not impossible considering Bitcoins track record to date.

The Goldgenie ‘Crypto Bull Run’ range can be purchased online at, their London head office, and Dubai retail store with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Zilliqa, and Centric Swap (CNS) as well as their complete range of unique and sought-after luxury gold gifts.


Founded in 1995 by award-winning entrepreneur Laban Roomes, Goldgenie International has been a leading source of the world’s most luxurious iPhones and gold gifts. Their collection includes the iconic range of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Blackberry products as well as luxury gold gifts such as real-life gold roses preserved in 24k gold or Platinum to Gold bikes, Ping putters, and Champagne stoppers embellished in pure 24k Gold. Goldgenie launched their brand in Harrods after winning investment on the hit T.V show Dragons Den and has gone on to supply and produce limited edition pieces for The Emmy Awards, The Oscars, Amex, ViacomCBS and celebrities including Elton John, Will Smith, Victoria Beckham, Denzel Washington, and Supermodel Kate Moss.

Crypto Bull Run iPhone 13 Pro Max Range:

High and low-res images:

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Centric Announces Partnership With Goldgenie International, (a Luxury Gold iPhone and Gift Company)

Goldgenie will begin accepting payments in Centric Swap (CNS), with a long-term plan to incorporate Centric’s CenPay blockchain-based merchant payment solution. 

London, UK. September XX, 2021—Centric announced a partnership with Goldgenie International, a London-based luxury gold iPhone and gift company. Goldgenie will begin offering customers an option to pay for goods and services with Centric Swap (CNS).

Founded by award-winning entrepreneur Laban Roomes, Goldgenie was invested in and supported by multi-millionaire entrepreneur James Caan, a previous investor on the hit BBC Dragon’s Den show.

Goldgenie has established itself as the go-to customization service for several blue-chip organizations, including Lexus, Rolls Royce, Selfridges, Harrods and Apple reseller stores.

Among Goldgenie’s luxury offerings is 24k gold customized Apple products (including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iMac and MacBook), smartphones from Samsung and Blackberry, and roses preserved in 24kgold and platinum. Roomes has created luxury ranges of iPods and iPhones for a host of celebrities, such as Elton John, The Beckhams, Floyd Mayweather, Usain Bolt, P. Diddy, Mark Wahlberg, and Will Smith.

“I’ve been an avid student and investor in the crypto and blockchain space for some years now,” said Roomes. “I believe in Centric’s vision to create a stable and trusted global currency, and I look forward to playing a part in bringing that vision to fruition through this partnership.”

“We’re thrilled to accept payment in Centric,” said Roomes. “After talking with the Centric team, I’m excited to know other forward-thinking businesses will be added to the network continually. It’s an honour to be one of the very first businesses to accept payment in Centric.”

Goldgenie has begun accepting CNS through integration with MyCryptoCheckout.

“The long-term plan is to work with Goldgenie to integrate CenPay on their website and at their flagship retail store in Dubai,” explained Tommy Butcher, COO of Centric, referring to Centric’s native blockchain payment solution (currently in development). “We’re pleased to welcome Laban Roomes and the entire Goldgenie team to the Centric network,” said Butcher.

In celebration of the partnership, Goldgenie has released a special limited offer on one of their most popular gift items, real 24k gold-trimmed red roses. Goldgenie is offering 50 roses with a 10% discount off the retail price of £127.50, with free worldwide delivery. The offer is exclusively for users paying with CNS. The Goldgenie exclusive special offer for the Centric community is available on a dedicated secure shopping page on the Goldgenie website.

Goldgenie said they are planning future exclusive offers shortly for the Centric community, centred on the newly launched Apple iPhone 13 series, customized in 24k gold, rose gold, and platinum.

“I’ll be referring other business owners and entrepreneurs I know to the Centric sales team for them to start accepting Centric. I’m confident they’ll see what I see,” said Laban.

Goldgenie Special Offer for Centric community:

Learn more about Centric –

Learn more about Goldgenie –

About Centric

Centric was conceived with the vision of one day replacing traditional fiat currencies. Blockchain technology will enable a more transparent world and we believe our innovative approach to achieving widespread adoption long-term sets Centric apart from other cryptocurrencies today.

While the rest of the industry focuses on transaction throughput and smart contracts, we focus on solving price stability to realize the economic capabilities that the blockchain enables.

About Goldgenie

Goldgenie is a luxury gold iPhones and gifts company established in 1995. Goldgenie’s gift collection includes a range of iconic Apple products, including iPhone, Watch and iPad, as well as luxury gold gifts for all occasions. With the customization of devices and gold luxury gifts at the heart of what they do, London-based Goldgenie has also become an international company with a flagship luxury retail store in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Goldgenie was founded by award-winning entrepreneur, Laban Roomes.

Custom Gold iPhone 13

Goldgenie Open Pre-orders for 24k Gold iPhone 13 Limited Edition Range

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 5th September 2021 –, purveyor of the world’s most luxurious gold gifts, today announced that the company will soon be taking pre-orders for their exclusive custom-finished versions of the iPhone 13 range of smartphones. Starting on September 15th, the company will be accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 13 in 24k Gold, Platinum, and Rose Gold finishes. 

Upon Apple’s official launch of the iPhone 13, Goldgenie will make limited supplies of the Gold iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max available for purchase solely through its website. Orders will be shipped 21 days following Apple’s launch taking place later in September. While details of the new phone have not officially been revealed, rumours suggest it will come with a 120 Hz LTPO display on both of the Pro models as well as improved battery life and camera quality. 

“We were the first company in the world to offer the now-iconic gold iPhones that we have become known for.” Said Founder Laban Roomes. “Given the popularity of past iPhone releases, we fully expect our inventory to sell out quickly. Visiting our website on September 15th to place a pre-order is the best way to ensure your reservation of this very special limited edition gold gift.” 

Prices for the custom Gold, Platinum, and Rose Gold iPhones from Goldgenie start from £3,200 and come with a lifetime warranty on the device and custom finish. The sim-free phones work on all networks and are available with a 256gb or 512gb memory. Goldgenie also supplies an official Certificate of Authenticity with each purchase along with a luxury iPhone 13 gift box. The company plans to release the custom phones as limited editions with only 500 of each custom finish available. 

“As a VIP bonus for our valued clientele, we also offer complimentary laser engraving with each order.” Added a representative for the company. 

While Goldgenie is not associated with Apple Inc. or its brands, Goldgenie has become known worldwide for its exclusive gold customisations of Apple iPhones, iPads, Apple watches, MacBooks and more. In addition to Apple products, the company specialises in limited edition luxury gold gifts including Samsung products and real long stem roses dipped in gold as well as custom device and custom gift gold plating services for a broad range of products for personal and business gifting. 

For more information about Goldgenie’s luxury custom gifts, as well as to place an order for the new iPhone 13 limited editions phones when they are available, visit the website at


Since 1995, has been a leading source of the world’s most luxurious gifts. Our gift collection includes the iconic range of Apple products as well as luxury gold gifts for all occasions. With gold customisation services at the heart of what we do, London based Goldgenie has become an international company with a flagship luxury retail store in Dubai. Inquire about custom services online at

Click the link below to download 24k Gold iPhone 13 High-Resolution Images

I-Ching Coins

Genuine 18K Solid Gold I-Ching Coins Now Available at

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 23rd April 2021 – is proud to announce the introduction of their new solid goldI-Ching Coins to attract good luck and abundance. Known in ancient Chinese Feng Shui to bring money and prosperity, each of the hand-pressed coins contains approximately 6 grams of 18k gold. The coins are made by Goldgenie in-house goldsmiths and display the London Assay Office Hallmark certifying each coin is solid 18K gold.

Solid Gold I-Ching Coins’s special gold version of the I-Ching coins features Chinese characters on top that loosely translate to “your fortune has arrived.” The circular solid gold coins have a square hole in the middle used to bind them in a special configuration around a central red mystic tassel. According to ancient Feng Shui practices, the coins should be placed in the home or office, above an entryway, at the different corners of a home, or on top of work papers as a powerful force to draw wealth and abundance to the home and its inhabitants. These, ancient solid 18K Gold I-Ching coins can also be carried in a wallet or pursue “so it is never empty”.

Wherever the coins are displayed, they should always be displayed in sets of 3 or more so as not to signify lonely money. Goldgenie’s set of three I-Ching Coins expresses the energy of the trinity of heaven, earth and luck. Combined, the coins contain approx.. 19 grams of the highest purity of gold. They are then painstakingly cleansed of negative energy and positively empowered with Sheng Chi when finished and again when shipped by Goldgenie for delivery.


To order the new solid gold certified I-Ching coins set, visit or stop in at Goldgenie’s retail shops in London or Dubai.

1 x 18K solid gold i-Ching coin price: £729.00

3 x 18K solid gold i-Ching coins i-Ching coin price: £1887.00


Since 1995, has been a leading source of the world’s most luxurious gifts. Our gift collection includes the iconic range of Apple products as well as luxury gold gifts for all occasions. With gold customization services at the heart of what we do, London-based Goldgenie has become an international company with a flagship luxury retail store in Dubai. Inquire about custom services online at Goldgenie

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Year of the Ox

Goldgenie launches Limited Edition “Year of the Ox” 24k Gold iPhone 12 Pro/Max

London, United Kingdom, 15th March 2021 – Purveyor of the world’s most luxurious gifts, Goldgenie, has introduced an all-new limited-edition line of Year of the Ox gold iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models in honour and celebration of the Chinese New Year.

24k Gold Year of The Ox iPhone

The limited-edition line of gold iPhones is super rare, with only 21 pieces available for purchase online via the website or at the Dubai retail store location. Special luxury presentation boxes made from leather with gold certification embedded within the box come complete with the phone purchases. All the phones in the special Year of the Ox line are customized using 5 microns of pure 24k gold and come complete with a lifetime warranty. They are shipped sim-free, ready to work on any network worldwide with free trackable delivery using DHL or UPS within 7 days of ordering. Payment can also be made using Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and other major cryptocurrencies through their online site.

The 2021 Year of The Metal Ox

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Year of the Ox began on February 12th and is considered a “metal Ox year.” The year of the Ox can occur with different material characteristics like wood, earth, water, or the metal material being observed in 2021. The metal year of the Ox signifies hardworking, active, and busy personalities who are popular among friends.

“Goldgenie’s metal Year of the Ox gold iPhone collection is very special and with such limited quantities, is the perfect gift for a loved one, partner, or client who you consider to be one of a kind.” Said Founder Laban Roomes.

Year of The Ox iPhone Price

To order one of the 21 special edition gold iPhones with starting prices from Just £3,197 (pounds sterling) or 16,300 AED (Dirham) customers are encouraged to do so via or to make an appointment to visit the Dubai store. Once these special edition gold iPhones are sold out, they will not be replenished, making the purchase a unique opportunity to buy a very limited-edition luxury gold gift.

About Goldgenie

Since 1995, Goldgenie has been a leading source of the world’s most luxurious gifts. Our gift collection includes the iconic range of Apple products as well as luxury gold gifts for all occasions. With gold customization services at the heart of what we do, London-based Goldgenie has become an international company with a flagship luxury retail store in Dubai. Inquire about custom services online at Goldgenie

Link to high res 24k Gold Year of The Ox iPhone press images:

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Website: Introduces 24k Gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S21

24k Gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S21

24k Gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S21
Shoppers can now order all three models of the smartphone with gold-plated, rose gold, and platinum finishes and receive them worldwide in 10 days.

For the Gift that Goes Everywhere, Goldgenie Introduces 24k Gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S21

United Kingdom, London, 31st January 2021 – Whenever a new in-demand tech product hits the market, Goldgenie is ready to add to their growing line of the world’s most luxurious gifts. This holds today with the luxury e-tailer’s announcement that they have added the all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 to their product line up.

United Kingdom, London, 31st January 2021 – Whenever a new in-demand tech product hits the market, Goldgenie is ready to add to their growing line of the world’s most luxurious gifts. This holds today with the luxury e-tailer’s announcement that they have added the all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 to their product line up.

Goldgenie is selling all three models of the new phone which includes the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra 5G. The phones are available with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB memory sizes with 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum finishes offered exclusively through as well as through their luxury retail locations in London and Dubai.

“The new Samsung Galaxy S21 is an extremely versatile luxury gift.” Said Goldgenie Founder Laban Roomes “It’s great to give a loved one on Valentine’s Day, makes excellent his and hers gifts, can be given to important clients, for Mother’s Day, graduation and more. The occasions to give such a gift are limitless and it is something that will go everywhere the recipient goes.”

As with all Goldgenie limited edition gold, platinum, and rose gold customized gifts, they have the potential to also retain and increase in value over time. With the Goldgenie custom finished Samsung S21 smartphone, gift-givers are almost guaranteed that the gift will always be with the recipient because of the scale of smartphone adoption in the digital age.

According to’s recent survey, over 3 billion people worldwide own a smartphone. Smartphone owners also average 63 interactions on their phones a day with 51% of people checking their phones a few times an hour. With the popularity of the smartphone, Goldgenie representatives recommend it as a luxury gift that makes sense for keeping in touch and providing a high level of utility.

The sim-free Samsung S21 custom finished smartphones from Goldgenie are available with the following options and price points:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G with 128GB memory size for £2997
  • The Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G with 128GB memory size for £3397 and 256GB memory size for £3597
  • The Samsung Galaxy S21+ Ultra 5G with 256GB memory size for £3797 and 512GB memory size for £3997

Orders placed today for a custom 24k gold-plated, platinum, or rose gold S21 today should arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day with 10 to 14 days free worldwide shipping by DHL. Shop Goldgenie’s exclusive Galaxy S21s and a complete range of luxury gold gifts and gold customization services at

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Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Gifts Gold Roses

Luxury Retailer Debuts Everlasting Valentine’s Gifts with Real Roses Dipped in Gold

The Eternal Roses are handpicked and preserved in precise detail with 24K Gold or Platinum.

United Kingdom, London, 24th January 2021 – Goldgenie a luxury gift e-tailor with locations in Dubai and London, announced today the unveiling of their Eternal Rose line of real roses preserved in gold or platinum. The line was created to provide a luxury keepsake item that would preserve the beauty and essence of natural roses for eternity.

Each year, an estimated 250 million fresh roses are picked, packed, and shipped across the globe to satisfy Valentine’s Day demand, only to be discarded shortly past the holiday once their freshness wears out.

“With the Eternal Rose line, we cut the highest quality fresh roses by hand and preserve them in exquisite detail in gold or platinum.” Said Founder Laban Roomes. “Not only is it a luxurious and enduring symbol of love, friendship, and commitment, but it is truly a sustainable option as well as a gift that can be passed on overtime.”

Goldgenie’s Eternal Roses are available in a variety of colors and finishes including 24k gold, platinum, red, white, pink, and purple options. Each rose comes packaged with a display stand and is enclosed in luxury boxed packaging. The roses are preserved in such minute detail that the curvature of individual petals is clearly defined, as are the unique ridges of stems and leaves.

In addition to serving as a symbol of love and appreciation, Goldgenie representatives add that the Eternal Rose line provides a gift that appreciates over time and creates the opportunity for a family heirloom that can be passed down through generations. Valentine’s Day shoppers can get their very own one-of-a-kind, Eternal Rose, by ordering online. Next day delivery is available in the United Kingdom and Europe if ordered before 10 A.M. The Eternal Rose can also ship worldwide in 3 business days.

“Imagine the reaction of your loved one receiving a one-of-a-kind gift that is an original work of art from nature that will last forever and become more valuable over time. This is the beauty of the Eternal Rose.” Added Roomes.

Goldgenie has been making unique luxury gold gifts since 1995. Their complete range of gold gifts and services includes a wide range of high-end gold-plated items like phones, tablets, and watches as well as gold customization services. Find out more about Goldgenie and explore their wide range of luxury gifts and services at Goldgenie


Since 1995, has been a leading source of the world’s most luxurious gifts. Our gift collection includes the iconic range of Apple products as well as luxury gold gifts for all occasions. With gold customization services at the heart of what we do, London based Goldgenie has become an international company with a flagship luxury retail store in Dubai. Inquire about custom services online at

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24k Gold PlayStation PS5

24k Gold PlayStation PS5 from Goldgenie. The ultimate gamers gift.

4K gaming combined with 24k Gold has gone down well this Christmas for one London based company. Goldgenie a luxury gold gifts and customization company is completely out of stock of the newly launched PlayStation 5 (disc and digital models) which just like King Midas they touched and have turned to luxurious Gold.

24k Gold PlayStation PS5 Console Prices:

The cutting-edge Sony PlayStation in normal terms is fast becoming an impossibility to purchase, online or in-store unless of course it is stolen from under someone’s Christmas tree or Santa is hijacked. The luxury 24k Gold version customized by Goldgenie may be even harder to source as all 25 units of the gleaming game console tower sold out within two days of going live on their website and selected stockists in London and Dubai.

Luxury PS5 Ordering and Delivery:

So, a Golden Christmas is guaranteed for at least 25 lucky gamers, meanwhile, Goldgenie is busy customizing a further 50 units available for dispatch in mid-January 2021.

Orders can be placed at their fully encrypted 24k Gold PlayStation PS5

Note from Goldgenie founder

Laban Roomes who founded Goldgenie in 1995 as a portable gold plating company has grown Goldgenie into a worldwide Luxury Gold gift company. They were the first company in the world to gold plate the Nokia 8800 phone, Nintendo Wii console, and the iconic Apple iPhone when it first launched way back in 2007. Laban who focuses his time in Dubai to be near the companies growing Luxury retail presence and store said in an interview “After 25 years in this business it still amazes me, you wouldn’t believe the items we’ve customized over the years and the fascinating people I’ve had the pleasure to personally meet. Gold is going through a resurgence, for sure, the demand for everything “hip” to be customized in pure Gold tells me this”.

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Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

September 15, 2020, came along with Apple rousing the internet with the release of its Apple watch series 6, which is rumoured to have qualities that match those of a professional health expert.

New Features Apple Watch Series 6

Gold Apple Watch 6 with Natural Python Strap
Gold Apple Watch 6 with Natural Python Strap

The watch is said to deliver breakthrough wellness and fitness capabilities like featuring a blood oxygen sensor that offers users even more insight into their overall wellness. As opposed to the previously released Apple Watch Series, the Series 6 delivers many notable hardware improvements, including a faster S6 System in Package (SiP) and next-generation always-on altimeter, along with its most colourful line-up yet, featuring a beautiful palette of new case finishes and bands. watchOS 7 brings Family Setup, sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, new workout types, and the ability to curate and share watch faces, encouraging people to be more active, stay connected, and better manage their health in new ways.  This is a watch that goes beyond the standard of watches, imagine having a watch that can improve your health with workout suggestions and a health tracker.

As every Apple product usually does, the series 6 had the world in awe at their most current innovation, and I believe it is safe to say that many people lust after the watch but better than this improved watch series, you could have a uniqueness to your watch that no other watch will possess.

In the world of luxury, two of the same kind is repetition and is unforgivable. We have an offer that will make the hair on your skin stand in excitement, that will whisper the most fantastic love words in your ear

Apple Watch Series 6 Customization on Goldgenie

Gold Apple Watch 6 with Gold Python Strap
Gold Apple Watch 6 with Gold Python Strap

Goldgenie offers the new apple watch series 6 in a range of customised jewels; you can have the straps of your watch replaced with the purest and finest 24k gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Swarovski crystal, or Diamonds. Our selection gives you a choice of stainless-steel watch straps and cases customised in one of the above finishes, or if preferred, we can also supply the Apple watch 6 series in solid 18k gold. My love language is a first-class luxury, what’s yours?

The best things are rare to find which is why there is a limited offer for customisation. The best things are also best felt rather than heard about or sighted. The feeling of luxury is second to none, a second person cannot feel what you feel by the stories you tell them, they have to experience it for themselves, and this best of luxury, you will only find at

Gold Apple Watch 6 with Blue Python Strap
Gold Apple Watch 6 with Blue Python Strap

We understand that people may worry about the genuineness of the product but Goldgenie has been around since the nineties and they have provided uncompromised services to high-ranked members of the society all over the world and there has never been a dissatisfaction with the services. But for clarity sake and assurance, all services and item purchased from Goldgenie are always backed with a certificate of originality, this certificate will state all the qualities of the jewel so you can stuff your fear away now.

For convenience purposes and for those who wish to fast track their items, there is an incorporation of a crypto technology payment system to ensure that payment is smooth and error-free

iPhone 12 Press Release

iPhone 12 Press Release

In the world of today, technology has no limit. A type of technology that has recorded resounding success and undeniable acceptance is the mobile smartphone world. Over the years, tech companies have battled over who wears the crown and the battle seems not to end anytime soon.

However, many individuals have conclusively picked their kings in their hearts and crowned them accordingly, and for many people, the iPhone remains unbeatable in the war zone. The Steve Jobs-founded firm, Apple, remains dauntless, unique, and exceptional right from its inception till tomorrow as it always thrills its loyal users and customers year in year out as it makes new releases. 

iPhone12 in gold
iPhone12 in gold

The iPhone 12, which is rumored to be released in October 2020, will be Apple’s latest flagship as it would be released amongst other variants of the same model in line with the company’s culture. If the launch happens as rumored, that will make 2020 a remarkable year for Apple as it has more flagship phones released this year than before with the inclusion of iPhone SE, a smartphone by Apple that boasts of featuring the fastest processor on a mobile device yet.

The most likely schedule for the iPhone 12 series is to have it officially announced in September and released in October, even if strong reports indicate that the launch would have happened much earlier, but the event of the COVID-19 pandemic had its toll on Apple’s round-the-clock work schedule, hence the delay.

As loyal Apple users patiently anticipate the release, Goldgenie has gone a step further to spice things up by coming up with the phone’s premium editions. You can securely and conveniently pre-order the new iPhone12 in platinum, 24K gold, and rose gold plated skins on the fully encrypted Goldgenie website and be confident of delivery within weeks from its official release dates.

The company has confirmed that its fully customized gifts iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max ranges will also be available for physical purchase in its London offices and Dubai retail store in Jumeirah from few weeks after expected release in late September or early October.

iPhone 12 in Platinum
iPhone 12 in Platinum

The new phones are also expected to come with significant upgrades, including the novel 5G network technology amongst other notable features like the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro alongside large screen sizes of 6.1″ on iPhone 12 and 6.7″ on iPhone 12 pro. 

There will be a big upgrade in power too, and lots of other changes and improvements have been rumoured. We have a good idea of what to expect from most aspects of the iPhone 12 range.

The iPhone 12 range prices are expected to be starting from $549 for the 128GB variant of the iPhone 12 4G version to as high as $1,399 for the 512GB variant of the iPhone 12 5GB. Why spend so much on the phone and still get a basic metal/aluminium metal clothing when you can have premium platinum, rose gold, or 24K gold plated phones and add a touch of class and luxury to your mobile.

Despite the heads-up we’ve heard yet on the release of these new tech gods, we still have several other information yet to be unravelled and the only way to keep up to date and also ensure early bird order is to regularly check the website on and subscribe to the newsletter to get more insights on the most affordable luxury customizations to your iPhones.

iPhone 12 in Rose Gold
iPhone 12 in Rose Gold

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