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Goldgenie Luxury nft

Goldgenie’s Luxury NFT Series Includes a Real £15K Diamond Encrusted 24k Gold iPhone

Laban Roomes’ brand new non-fungible token (NFT) series offers much more than a JPEG or profile picture. Each of the six “History of Goldgenie” NFTs listed on OpenSea comes with a diamond-encrusted 24k Gold iPhone Pro Max 13 1TB. Roomes said his company, Goldgenie International, will ship the product to most countries via DHL, packaged in a luxury gift box. The iPhone will include a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty. The iPhones are SIM-free, allowing the owner to use the mobile carrier of their choice.

Each NFT celebrates a key highlight of Goldgenie International’s history, starting with the company’s humble beginning in 1995. After learning about gold plating technology and creating his own plating machine, Roomes started going door-to-door with his prototype, offering to gold plate the homeowners’ bathroom taps or car emblems. He eventually worked up the courage to approach dream-client Lexus, and they became a regular customer.

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iPhone X and 8 Cracked

Goldgenie is the only company in the world to crack embellishing the complete iPhone in luxurious 24k gold.  A fully 24k gold embellished iPhone 8 and X by the company that makes the impossible possible.

With Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone to date, the public are clamouring to be the first to get one of the ultimate iPhone X’s. Not only is the phone equipped with the ultra clear and precise OLED display, but it also has wireless charging, comes standard with facial recognition and has a sleek edge-to-edge screen. This is truly Apple’s masterpiece.

It has been a company tradition for Goldgenie to always be the first company to break ground in bespoke customisation and were the first in the world, ten years ago, to be able to gold plate the very first iPhone.

Goldgenie, the world’s premiere luxury gift company, has made it their business to amplify everything that Apple has created, and the new iPhone X is certainly no exception. From an amazing rose gold version, to platinum, to one encrusted with high quality, genuine diamonds, Goldgenie’s iPhone offerings are as stunning to behold as they are exciting to use.

What makes Goldgenie’s version of the iPhone X even more unique is their customisation process. Customers can have virtually anything they want engraved on their one-of-a-kind iPhone. Initials, logos, even artistic pictures, the master craftsmen behind Goldgenie’s vision is to create meticulous engravings which elevate the iPhone to a whole new level.

Goldgenie’s Passion: Making Everyday Items Luxurious

It is no wonder that international celebrities, blue chip organizations, politicians and even royalty own Goldgenie’s luxury products. According to founder Laban Roomes, “Goldgenie is truly built upon a team mentality. From the craftsmen, to customer satisfaction, to sales, we are all here, working together to ensure that our clients receive nothing but the absolute best and enjoy a memorable shopping experience.” It was Roomes’ visionary idea to begin with that helped launch Goldgenie and ultimately make it the globally known luxury brand that it is today.

The company is set to continue creating and reinventing everyday items, turning them into the absolutely spectacular. People cherish and value their phones, and that is why transforming Apple’s highly sought after products into golden treasures was a no-brainer for the Goldgenie team. Their concept is to make exquisite and luxurious even the most basic items found in everyday life. Enhancing smart phones has become a passion project for the company.

With the November launch, the iPhone X has become the most legendary and extraordinary phone ever to hit the market, and if you add Goldgenie’s array of beautiful and elegant touches you most definitely have a true collector’s item on your hands. All Goldgenie iPhone X’s come in a custom cherry oak box and feature a lifetime warranty on the customisation. As for the future, the founder of Goldgenie Laban Roomes offers, “You’ll just have to wait and see what the next astounding Goldgenie product will be.”


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