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The world’s first 24k gold portrait of Sheik Muhammed in Dubai

Goldgenie, the UK based product customisation company firmed for creating gifts for the otherwise ungiftable rich ones is opening yet another major store in Dubai.

Situated in Jumeriah, this shop is perhaps their most premium location yet and as always is showcasing numerous stunning Goldgenie creations.

Commenting on this new venture, founder Laban Roomes notes that the company is truly ecstatic about the central location.

“It’s truly a stunning luxury store which is highly accessible to anyone. We’ve put a great deal of thought and care into the store’s layout and overall look. The important thing with this new venue is to really showcase the gold and luxury products and the undeniable luxuriousness of our brand,” said Laban.

The shop is set to attract a multitude of new customers as well as those who’ve already experienced the company’s amazing array of gold offerings and customer care.

In highlighting the extent of their 24k gold capabilities, the Goldgenie team are showcasing numerous 24k Gold, rose gold platinum, Swarovski and even high-quality diamond gifts, including their main feature of the world’s first portraits of Sheikh Muhammed and the Kaaba created in 24k Gold.

The attention to detail, the intricacy of the work, and the impeccable likenesses of these pieces represent yet another layer of what Goldgenie can and will do with precious metals.

Customers who visit the new Dubai-based shop will get to see first-hand how exquisite the 24k portraits really are. Goldgenie can also undertake to produce new creations for any discerning client.

Indeed, luxury is at play in every facet of the new store.

From the 24k Gold iMac to a range of luxury iPhone X in a number of luxury finishes, to even the unexpected such as 24k gold shoes, Goldgenie has a definite treat in store for any client who visits their new location.

As they are a worldwide presence already, Goldgenie’s newest Dubai shop only stands to increase their global reach.

As they have had the opportunity to work with celebrities, blue chip companies and heads of state, the Goldgenie team is certainly no stranger to providing the world’s elite with the best of the best when it comes to gifts, out-of-the-ordinary products and world-class gold plating.

This shop will be another venue through which they can make their one-of-a-kind statement.

To experience Goldgenie’s magic for yourself, you might just want to check out the new Jumeriah, Dubai location—an incredible shop, the friendly staff, and some of the most amazing and unique gold products


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