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Goldgenie on channel 4

Featured on a show scheduled to air Tuesday, December 12th, Goldgenie is demonstrating why London’s billionaires are turning to them for the ultimate shopping and gift-giving experience. Channel 4 is going into the lavish homes of London’s elite, and exploring what they consider to be the absolute perfect holiday gift. In a show called The World’s Most Expensive Presents, producers are listing Goldgenie as one of the country’s, if not the world’s, most elite brands available.

Mentioning Laban Roomes’ success and Goldgenie’s global reputation, the new program highlights, in this episode, a 24k Goldgenie-created bicycle. Priced at 250,000, this is definitely no ordinary bicycle. On the show you can see people viewing the exquisite piece. Handcrafted and truly one-of-a-kind, the bicycle entices onlookers as they are noticeably blown away by the craftsmanship, attention to detail and sheer beauty of this pristinely constructed golden work of art.

Yet, this is just one of many such luxury items that the company has developed over the years. Their mission is to take otherwise common items and transform them into incredible masterpieces. They have the bicycle featured on Channel 4’s The World’s Most Expensive Presents, but they have also designed a rocking horse, shoes, watches, iPhones, and even 24k gold customized portraits. According to Roomes, “Goldgenie has truly become the world’s first choice for all things personalized or customized in gold. Our appearance on this show really emphasizes that fact.”

Roomes certainly could not be prouder of all that he and the rest of the Goldgenie team have accomplished. With their jumpstart on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, they have since created a luxury gift empire. Their slogan is “luxury gifts for the ungiftable,” which makes them the ideal representatives for Channel 4’s exciting new behind-the-scenes show. Goldgenie’s gifts however extend far beyond just the billionaires and elite clientele of London. As Roomes offered, they are the “world’s” go-to gold plating company.

You need only look at their extensive list of esteemed clients to understand how influential the brand has become. From A-list celebrities, to foreign dignitaries, to blue chip companies, Goldgenie’s gifts have graced the lives of some of the globe’s most distinguished.

The show is scheduled to air on Channel 4 this Tuesday (Dec. 12). Viewers will get to see first-hand the types of presents that London’s richest get for the holidays. With Goldgenie’s 24k bicycle among the showcased pieces, this is one episode you will not want to miss.



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