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Bespoke Goldgenie Watches

While already featuring a complete line of solid gold watches, exquisite high-end pieces to satisfy the most discerning of tastes, Goldgenie has taken their watch collection a step beyond—with personal portraits and signatures. The artisans and master craftsmen behind this one-of-a-kind accent have been working overtime to perfect the art of creating watches that give a completely new meaning to the term ‘bespoke’. 

 The face of any of their specialized gold watches can now be made bearing a self portrait. Also, if you so choose, you can have the image of someone you love, a celebrity’s image, or even the face of a cherished hero.  If a picture exists, Goldgenie can transform it into a stunning solid gold work of art.  To make this series even more special, the Goldgenie team has even allowed for a distinctive signature to be imprinted on the watch face. Personalisation is the key with Goldgenie’s newest, and one of their most unique products to date. 
The watches can additionally be enhanced with diamonds, gemstones, or any design element that you can imagine, in order to make the piece one that has never been seen before, and surely one that will never be duplicated. Solid gold watches have always been a passion for the Goldgenie craftsmen. Their superior skills have produced some amazing results; most are pieces which are destined to become treasured family heirlooms. Founder Laban Roomes assures us that, “Goldgenie is always about taking otherwise simple, everyday items and making them into something extraordinary. We shall continue to search for new ways to elevate, to reinvent and to develop something truly breathtaking.” 
As with all of their watches, this new portrait series uses high precision Swiss movement and only the finest 18k gold. This simply means that these are timepieces built to last. Designed for a clientele that knows luxury, that wants to own that exquisite hard-to-find item, and that treasures the value of bespoke jewelry products, this watch collection is certain to get everyone’s attention. 
If portraits are not your preference, Goldgenie has an answer for that too. They will create essentially any image you have in mind on the face of one of their solid gold watches. From an image of the Eiffel Tower, to your most cherished photo, any image can recreated by the Goldgenie artisans and be cast upon the face of your new watch. 
Roomes and his company are ecstatic about the launch of this new portraiture line. Roomes explains, “Because we are putting individualised signatures on these watches, this makes them all the more innovative.” These watches define Goldgenie’s stance that they are the premiere provider of ‘luxury gifts for the ungiftable’.  From A-list celebrities, to Blue Chip Companies, to some of the world’s most prestigious diplomats, clients from around the globe have come to appreciate Goldgenie’s unique offerings and their exquisite approach to making all things gold new again.