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Centric Announces Partnership With Goldgenie International, (a Luxury Gold iPhone and Gift Company)

Goldgenie will begin accepting payments in Centric Swap (CNS), with a long-term plan to incorporate Centric’s CenPay blockchain-based merchant payment solution. 

London, UK. September XX, 2021—Centric announced a partnership with Goldgenie International, a London-based luxury gold iPhone and gift company. Goldgenie will begin offering customers an option to pay for goods and services with Centric Swap (CNS).

Founded by award-winning entrepreneur Laban Roomes, Goldgenie was invested in and supported by multi-millionaire entrepreneur James Caan, a previous investor on the hit BBC Dragon’s Den show.

Goldgenie has established itself as the go-to customization service for several blue-chip organizations, including Lexus, Rolls Royce, Selfridges, Harrods and Apple reseller stores.

Among Goldgenie’s luxury offerings is 24k gold customized Apple products (including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iMac and MacBook), smartphones from Samsung and Blackberry, and roses preserved in 24kgold and platinum. Roomes has created luxury ranges of iPods and iPhones for a host of celebrities, such as Elton John, The Beckhams, Floyd Mayweather, Usain Bolt, P. Diddy, Mark Wahlberg, and Will Smith.

“I’ve been an avid student and investor in the crypto and blockchain space for some years now,” said Roomes. “I believe in Centric’s vision to create a stable and trusted global currency, and I look forward to playing a part in bringing that vision to fruition through this partnership.”

“We’re thrilled to accept payment in Centric,” said Roomes. “After talking with the Centric team, I’m excited to know other forward-thinking businesses will be added to the network continually. It’s an honour to be one of the very first businesses to accept payment in Centric.”

Goldgenie has begun accepting CNS through integration with MyCryptoCheckout.

“The long-term plan is to work with Goldgenie to integrate CenPay on their website and at their flagship retail store in Dubai,” explained Tommy Butcher, COO of Centric, referring to Centric’s native blockchain payment solution (currently in development). “We’re pleased to welcome Laban Roomes and the entire Goldgenie team to the Centric network,” said Butcher.

In celebration of the partnership, Goldgenie has released a special limited offer on one of their most popular gift items, real 24k gold-trimmed red roses. Goldgenie is offering 50 roses with a 10% discount off the retail price of £127.50, with free worldwide delivery. The offer is exclusively for users paying with CNS. The Goldgenie exclusive special offer for the Centric community is available on a dedicated secure shopping page on the Goldgenie website.

Goldgenie said they are planning future exclusive offers shortly for the Centric community, centred on the newly launched Apple iPhone 13 series, customized in 24k gold, rose gold, and platinum.

“I’ll be referring other business owners and entrepreneurs I know to the Centric sales team for them to start accepting Centric. I’m confident they’ll see what I see,” said Laban.

Goldgenie Special Offer for Centric community: https://www.goldgenie.com/centric-red-24k-gold-roses/

Learn more about Centric – https://www.centric.com

Learn more about Goldgenie –https://www.goldgenie.com

About Centric

Centric was conceived with the vision of one day replacing traditional fiat currencies. Blockchain technology will enable a more transparent world and we believe our innovative approach to achieving widespread adoption long-term sets Centric apart from other cryptocurrencies today.

While the rest of the industry focuses on transaction throughput and smart contracts, we focus on solving price stability to realize the economic capabilities that the blockchain enables.

About Goldgenie

Goldgenie is a luxury gold iPhones and gifts company established in 1995. Goldgenie’s gift collection includes a range of iconic Apple products, including iPhone, Watch and iPad, as well as luxury gold gifts for all occasions. With the customization of devices and gold luxury gifts at the heart of what they do, London-based Goldgenie has also become an international company with a flagship luxury retail store in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Goldgenie was founded by award-winning entrepreneur, Laban Roomes.