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Laban Roomes Presented with EBR’s Business Icon of the Year Award 2014

Last night, Jacqui Brown, Editor of Panache Occasions Magazine, presented Laban Roomes with his Business Icon of the Year Award, which she had collected on his behalf at the Ebony Business Recognition Awards, which were held in London on Friday 7th July 2014.  The Ebony Business Recognition Awards Panel recognised Laban Roomes, Founder of Goldgenie Global, as Business Icon of the Year for his achievements in business.

Unfortunately, Laban was unable to attend the event as his flight was delayed back to the U.K. last week.  He had been in Burma with his designer to source precious metals and diamonds for the impending iPhone 6 launch.  Insider sources have given the Goldgenie team an idea of the new housing specs and they are very busy preparing their new customisation designs to coincide with the release, rumoured to be later this year.

Laban, who had been featured in Panache Occasions Magazine earlier in the year said,

“It is  a true honour to be recognised by the EBR panel.  It motivates me to continue developing my business and inspiring others to achieve success.  Dreams do come true but you need to have a strong vision and hard work ethic to turn them into reality.  Careful planning is integral to business success and I always have one eye on the future, especially now as we look forward to Apple’s imminent iPhone6 release.”

Jacqui Brown presents Laban Roomes with EBR Business Icon of the Year Award

Jacqui Brown presents Laban Roomes with EBR Business Icon of the Year Award 2014

Laban Roomes with EBR Business Icon of the Year Award 2014

Laban Roomes with EBR Business Icon of the Year Award 2014

Laban Roomes with Jacqi Brown of Panache Occasions Magazine

Laban Roomes with Jacqui Brown of Panache Occasions Magazine

Goldgenie look foward to the iPhone6 release

Goldgenie look forward to the iPhone6 release

Register your interest in pre-ordering Goldgenie’s 24ct. Gold iPhone 6 as release is anticipated this Autumn..

There is much speculation worldwide about what Apple’s new iPhone will look like when it is released.  There is also much speculation about when it will be released (rumour has it later this year but no date has been announced…).  At Goldgenie, we do not know the whats and the whens any more than anyone else but are certain about one thing, we know that when Apple release a new iPhone, demand for our 24ct gold-plated models outstrips supply.

Last year,  we had 1,436 orders for our 24ct. Gold customised iPhone 5s smartphones in the first week of their launch alone!  With a more dramatic transformation expected in the new series, we anticipate even higher demand this year.  This summer, we are inviting customers to register their interest in our luxurious 24ct. Gold interpretations of the iPhone 6 and we will be taking pre-orders as soon the release date is confirmed by Apple.  In the meantime, our skilled technicians are busy preparing themselves with pots of yellow and rose Gold, Platinum, Diamonds and Swarovski crystals, worktools at the ready!

Be the first to hear about the release and register your interest in pre-ordering one here to ensure your chance of being one of the first to receive your beautiful Goldgenie customised 24ct. Gold iPhone6 soon after Apple’s launch.