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Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Gifts Gold Roses

Luxury Retailer Goldgenie.com Debuts Everlasting Valentine’s Gifts with Real Roses Dipped in Gold

The Eternal Roses are handpicked and preserved in precise detail with 24K Gold or Platinum.

United Kingdom, London, 24th January 2021 – Goldgenie a luxury gift e-tailor with locations in Dubai and London, announced today the unveiling of their Eternal Rose line of real roses preserved in gold or platinum. The line was created to provide a luxury keepsake item that would preserve the beauty and essence of natural roses for eternity.

Each year, an estimated 250 million fresh roses are picked, packed, and shipped across the globe to satisfy Valentine’s Day demand, only to be discarded shortly past the holiday once their freshness wears out.

“With the Eternal Rose line, we cut the highest quality fresh roses by hand and preserve them in exquisite detail in gold or platinum.” Said Goldgenie.com Founder Laban Roomes. “Not only is it a luxurious and enduring symbol of love, friendship, and commitment, but it is truly a sustainable option as well as a gift that can be passed on overtime.”

Goldgenie’s Eternal Roses are available in a variety of colors and finishes including 24k gold, platinum, red, white, pink, and purple options. Each rose comes packaged with a display stand and is enclosed in luxury boxed packaging. The roses are preserved in such minute detail that the curvature of individual petals is clearly defined, as are the unique ridges of stems and leaves.

In addition to serving as a symbol of love and appreciation, Goldgenie representatives add that the Eternal Rose line provides a gift that appreciates over time and creates the opportunity for a family heirloom that can be passed down through generations. Valentine’s Day shoppers can get their very own one-of-a-kind, Eternal Rose, by ordering online. Next day delivery is available in the United Kingdom and Europe if ordered before 10 A.M. The Eternal Rose can also ship worldwide in 3 business days.

“Imagine the reaction of your loved one receiving a one-of-a-kind gift that is an original work of art from nature that will last forever and become more valuable over time. This is the beauty of the Eternal Rose.” Added Roomes.

Goldgenie has been making unique luxury gold gifts since 1995. Their complete range of gold gifts and services includes a wide range of high-end gold-plated items like phones, tablets, and watches as well as gold customization services. Find out more about Goldgenie and explore their wide range of luxury gifts and services at Goldgenie

About Goldgenie.com

Since 1995, Goldgenie.com has been a leading source of the world’s most luxurious gifts. Our gift collection includes the iconic range of Apple products as well as luxury gold gifts for all occasions. With gold customization services at the heart of what we do, London based Goldgenie has become an international company with a flagship luxury retail store in Dubai. Inquire about custom services online at www.goldgenie.com

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Goldgenie Sponsors Mikey Strong’s Wedding in Los Angeles

Goldgenie were proud sponsors of Mikey Strong from Konvict’s wedding at the weekend, supplying 24ct. Gold Roses for the happy couple’s bridesmaids.
Akon, pictured below and who is a  longtime friend of Mikey Strong gave use of his L.A Mansion for the celebrations.
Goldgenie founder and CEO Laban Roomes sends his good wishes,
“We are privileged to have contributed to this momentous occasion and wish the new couple Gods blessings and lasting happiness.”