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2 Million Pound Year Of The Rat Gold iPhone Range

2020 marks the metal (gold) ‘Year Of The Rat’ as the ultimate Chinese New Year symbol for wealth, prosperity and abundance – to commemorate this auspicious new year London based customisation and luxury gift company Goldgenie have created a collectable ‘Year Of The Rat’ Gold iPhone 11 range using solid 18k gold and VVS1 diamonds, along with a 24k Gold plated version. The design combines the Chinese New Year symbol of the Rat with a diamond-encrusted number 8, considered to be especially lucky (infinity, to make a fortune). The new range from Goldgenie is worth an eye-watering £2,140,560 with only 20 units of each version being made available.  


VVS1 Diamond encrusted 18k solid gold 'Year Of The Rat' iPhone 11 Pro Max



The company who have supplied bespoke and Luxury gifts to the Oscars, Elton John AIDS Foundation and ‘A’ list celebrities such as the Beckhams and P Diddy, created the worlds most expensive racing bike which was customised in 24k gold and which sold for a whooping £250,000, the sale was covered by Channel 4’s ‘Worlds Most Expensive Presents’. 

Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes, artistic designer of the ‘Year Of The Rat’ Gold iPhone 11 range commented, “Chinese culture has always fascinated me, not only is it alluring but steeped in a rich history of art and calligraphy that embodies one of the oldest civilisations in the world. The ‘Year Of The Rat’ Gold iPhone 11 range is meant to pay homage to Chinese traditions as well as recognising 2020 as a year of plenty, plenty”. 

Year Of The Rat iPhone Prices:

  • VVS1 Diamond encrusted 18k solid gold ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone 11 Pro Max £39,888
  • VVS1 Diamond encrusted 18k solid gold ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone 11 Pro £37,888
  • 18k solid gold ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone Pro Max £11,888
  • 18k solid gold ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone Pro £10,888
  • 24k Gold plated ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone Pro Max £3,288
  • 24k Gold plated ‘Year Of The Rat’ iPhone Pro £3,188

Each ‘Year Of The Rat iPhone’ is SIM Free so will work on all networks, comes complete with a crocodile embossed leather iPhone presentation case, certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty.

The range in all its glory can be seen on the goldgenie.com fully encrypted website and via selected retailers, including their luxury retail shop in Dubai.

Webpage: https://www.goldgenie.com/year-of-the-rat-gold-iphone-11-pro-and-max-range/
Telephone: +44 208 804 6200

Press contact: [email protected]

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24ct Gold Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Gets the Gold Treatment

Goldgenie pioneered the art of Gold-plating a smartphone and are excited to announce their foray into Samsung smartphones.  Due to its polycarbonate surface, the process of Gold-plating a Samsung device was previously very complicated and cost prohibitive.  However, recently the craftsmen at Goldgenie mastered the technique of Gold-Plating such surfaces and are proud to have now added the 24ct Gold embellished Samsung Galaxy Alpha to their stable of collections.

The Galaxy Alpha is not only perfect for streamlining work and play but also has very high capabilities for creating video, photos and graphics. Within Samsung’s elegant rectangular metal frame are a host of high spec features, including the brilliant 4.7-inch HD Super AMOLED display, an advanced 12.0 MP camera with real-time HDR that lets you take bright and vivid shots even in tricky lighting conditions.

Each Samsung device is customised using between 5 and 10 microns of 24ct. Gold and the rich hue of Goldgenie’s 24ct. Gold looks beautiful on Samsung’s sleek design and is bound to be a hit with Android fans who value style as much as function.

Since gaining investment and support from BBC Dragons Den’s James Caan in 2007, Goldgenie have grown their international presence and recognition for quality from their London headquarters. Goldgenie are well known for their luxury embellishments on technology and lifestyle products and unique touch and services hold great allure throughout the world. Due to their pioneering presence in the luxury market and longstanding trusted reputation, Goldgenie count blue chip corporations, such as Blackberry, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce and celebrities including Will Smith, the Beckhams, Roman Abramovich and P. Diddy as clients.

Laban Roomes, Goldgenie’s Founder and CEO stated, “We are so excited to have finally achieved applying the Midas Touch to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha! Recent developments have enabled Goldgenie technicians to 24ct. gold plate onto plastic and polycarbonate substrate which has in turn opened up a completely new market for our company, as devices that were previously impossible to be customised in gold such as the Samsung Galaxy Alpha can now be done.”

Goldgenie are also offering their renowned Gold-plating service to customers who already own Samsung devices. This is great news for Samsung fans, who would like to elevate the status of their beloved Android smartphone to the Gold club.

For more information, visit http://www.goldgenie.com/gold-samsung-galaxy-alpha.php

Call +44 208 804 6200

Email: [email protected]


24ct Gold Samsung Galaxy Alpha


Gold-Samsung-Galaxy-Alpha-4 Gold-Samsung-Galaxy-Alpha-2 Gold-Samsung-Galaxy-Alpha-3


Goldgenie Launch 24ct. Gold iPhone 6 Elite Collection

The iPhone 6 is finally here and Goldgenie are excited to announce the launch of their 24ct. Gold iPhone 6 Elite Collection. This year’s most highly anticipated smartphone is now available to order from Goldgenie in their luxury customisations of 24ct. Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. Their range also includes a Swarovski style crystal logo version and a limited edition Gulf Collection featuring laser engraved emblems of the 7 Gulf States; Kuwait, Oman, UAE, KSA, Iraq, Bahrain and Qatar. 

Goldgenie are well known for their prestige range of customised modern technology and lifestyle products, including their signature 24ct. Gold iPhone Elite models.  The company pioneered the art of Gold-plating an iPhone on the iPhone 3 in 2007 and they know from experience that when a new iPhone launches, demand for their luxury customised 24ct. Gold versions can outstrip supply. However, a limited number of iPhone 6 smartphones have been reserved for Goldgenie’s pre-ordering clientele through their solid relationships with premium Apple resellers.

Since gaining investment and support from BBC Dragons Den’s James Caan in 2007, Goldgenie have grown their international presence and recognition for quality from their London headquarters. Goldgenie’s unique products and services from a unique British brand hold great allure throughout the world and the company has been expanding fast, with a string of offices opening up across several countries. Due to their pioneering presence in the luxury market and longstanding trusted reputation, Goldgenie count blue chip corporations, such as Blackberry, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce and celebrities including Will Smith, the Beckhams and Roman Abramovich as loyal clients.

Goldgenie’s customised iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ are currently available to order in the 16GB, 64GB or 128GB models through Goldgenie’s website. The phones are presented in a beautiful cherry oak finish display case and include an unprecedented lifetime warranty on both customisation and the devices themselves (limited conditions apply).

Renditions of Goldgenie’s iPhone 6 customisations may be seen on the website: http://www.goldgenie.com/gold-iphone-6.php  For those who have already purchased an iPhone 6 elsewhere, Goldgenie offer a full customisation service and may collect your phone by courier from any address in the world. Your phone will then be returned to you with your chosen finish and requested embellishments, such as personal engravings or embedded gemstones. Details of this service may be found at: http://www.goldgenie.com/gold-plate-your-iphone-6.php

Full of technological advancements, including faster processing speeds, longer battery life, improved camera and 1080p HD video shooting capacity, Apple’s new release has made a great leap forward from its predecessors. Thinner and glossier than ever, not only is the iPhone 6 beautiful to look at, it is sure to capture your world, your thoughts and your plans more beautifully and seamlessly than ever. And the craftsmen at Goldgenie feel most people would agree that these are worth preserving in Gold.

 For More information on Goldgenie Global

Call: +44 208 804 6200

Email: [email protected]

Visit: http://www.goldgenie.com/





Goldgenie presents DNA, a limited edition prestige watch collection

Goldgenie recognizes that each of their customers is unique and irreplaceable and so created DNA, a Swiss made watch collection to reflect this. The range consists of                                 7 limited edition designs which are finished with 24k Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum prestige plating and embellishment. Each of these Swiss-made time pieces is of a limited edition collection and we guarantee that no more than 100 of each design will ever be produced. Each watch case will be laser engraved on the back with a number that is unique to the owner. Uniquely, Goldgenie can offer further customisation by laser engraving your name on the watch face.

The Zen boasts an elegant tachymeter bezel and three recorders for measuring speed on a white dial. The face also includes the date and the time is displayed in minimalist gold divisions. A perforated crown and two ridged pushbuttons offer contrast to the polished bezel and the solid flat links of the bracelet add weight to this stately masculine piece.

Zen Gold-Plated Watch

The Zen

The Carrington is a classic men’s watch comprising of a woven effect multi-linked bracelet and a clean circular dial which features the date and minimalist silver hands and divisions. The contrast in textures is unique and results in a genteel statement of understated elegance.

Carrington Gold-Plated Watch

The Carrington

The Aztec is a bold but simple men’s time-piece. Featuring a heavy textured bracelet of ridged and flat polished links, the gold case is highlighted with a white contrasting bezel. The white dial is accented with divisions in rose gold and a day and date signifier.

The Aztec

The Aztec

The Krystal is a classic ladies’ watch, featuring a rectangular face and a crocodile embossed top-stitched calf-leather strap. The gold bezel is embellished with 12 rectangular cubic zirconias and is an expression of refinement and elegance.

Krystal Gold-Plated Watch

The Krystal

The Krystal Sun is a very feminine time-piece and the definition of classic elegance. The rectangular face is framed with 12 rectangular cubic zirconias and the linked bracelet is a stunning contrast in textures combining ridged and polished links.

Krystal-Sun-Gold-Plated Watch

The Krystal Sun

The Pearl is a beautiful ladies’ watch and a modern statement for modern times. Featuring clean lines in a white ceramic and gold link bracelet, the round white face shows the time in minimalist silver divisions and is framed in a smooth polished bezel.

Pearl Gold-Plated Watch

The Pearl

The Oyster is an elegant ladies’ watch in modern lines of white ceramic and warm gold tones. The white bezel features gold Roman numerals and divisions and silver hands mark the time.

Oyster Gold-Plated Watch

The Oyster

Each piece from the collection is sold with a 5 Year unlimited guarantee on the specialist Swiss movement technology and is sure to stand the test of time. The watches make a timeless personal statement or a unique gift. All watches are beautifully presented in an exclusive custom piano box that includes two matching pens and a luxury quality leather pouch to compliment your DNA. At Goldgenie, they believe you should express yourself and make your mark on the hands of time.

Gold-Plated Watch-presentation-box

For more information, please email [email protected]

Goldgenie Launches Gold Megaphone Collection

Goldgenie are excited to introduce their Luxury Megaphone Speaker Collection, perfect for amplifying the sounds of your iPod or iPhone. Sourced from a small Italian design studio, these handmade ceramic pieces are formed into an elegant horn shape to optimize sound output. The megaphones are finished with a dense dusting of

24 ct gold, rose gold or platinum, which is sealed with heat, giving them a rich glossy sheen.

Goldgenie Gold Megaphone

Goldgenie Yellow Gold Megaphone

These megaphones not only give a room a modern sculptural edge but they are also highly useful in the workplace as a stylish conference accessory. They make for a very elegant talking piece but the sound quality is so good, the best thing to do is sit back and listen.