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Goldgenie Luxury nft

Goldgenie’s Luxury NFT Series Includes a Real £15K Diamond Encrusted 24k Gold iPhone

Laban Roomes’ brand new non-fungible token (NFT) series offers much more than a JPEG or profile picture. Each of the six “History of Goldgenie” NFTs listed on OpenSea comes with a diamond-encrusted 24k Gold iPhone Pro Max 13 1TB. Roomes said his company, Goldgenie International, will ship the product to most countries via DHL, packaged in a luxury gift box. The iPhone will include a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty. The iPhones are SIM-free, allowing the owner to use the mobile carrier of their choice.

Each NFT celebrates a key highlight of Goldgenie International’s history, starting with the company’s humble beginning in 1995. After learning about gold plating technology and creating his own plating machine, Roomes started going door-to-door with his prototype, offering to gold plate the homeowners’ bathroom taps or car emblems. He eventually worked up the courage to approach dream-client Lexus, and they became a regular customer.

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