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I-Ching Coins

Genuine 18K Solid Gold I-Ching Coins Now Available at Goldgenie.com

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 23rd April 2021 – Goldgenie.com is proud to announce the introduction of their new solid goldI-Ching Coins to attract good luck and abundance. Known in ancient Chinese Feng Shui to bring money and prosperity, each of the hand-pressed coins contains approximately 6 grams of 18k gold. The coins are made by Goldgenie in-house goldsmiths and display the London Assay Office Hallmark certifying each coin is solid 18K gold.

Solid Gold I-Ching Coins

Goldgenie.com’s special gold version of the I-Ching coins features Chinese characters on top that loosely translate to “your fortune has arrived.” The circular solid gold coins have a square hole in the middle used to bind them in a special configuration around a central red mystic tassel. According to ancient Feng Shui practices, the coins should be placed in the home or office, above an entryway, at the different corners of a home, or on top of work papers as a powerful force to draw wealth and abundance to the home and its inhabitants. These, ancient solid 18K Gold I-Ching coins can also be carried in a wallet or pursue “so it is never empty”.

Wherever the coins are displayed, they should always be displayed in sets of 3 or more so as not to signify lonely money. Goldgenie’s set of three I-Ching Coins expresses the energy of the trinity of heaven, earth and luck. Combined, the coins contain approx.. 19 grams of the highest purity of gold. They are then painstakingly cleansed of negative energy and positively empowered with Sheng Chi when finished and again when shipped by Goldgenie for delivery.


To order the new solid gold certified I-Ching coins set, visit goldgenie.com or stop in at Goldgenie’s retail shops in London or Dubai.

1 x 18K solid gold i-Ching coin price: £729.00 https://www.goldgenie.com/product/18k-solid-gold-i-ching-coin/

3 x 18K solid gold i-Ching coins i-Ching coin price: £1887.00 https://www.goldgenie.com/product/18k-solid-gold-i-ching-coins/

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