Goldgenie Goes Crypto

Goldgenie the luxury gift and customisation superstars have announced that they have begun to accept cryptocurrency for online and offline orders.

The move has been prompted from requests at their Dubai shop from HNWI’s who have a proportion of their wealth stored in such digital assets such as the well-known Bitcoin and the other top 10 cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Neo.

Goldgenie is famous for making the world’s most expensive 24k Gold racing bike, bringing Gold phones to the Emmy’s and Oscars for Elton John, Mark Wahlberg and Helen Mirren to name just a few. 

The company was invested in by James Caan on the hit BBC TV show “Dragons Den” where entrepreneurs showcase their business ideas for a share of their company.

Founder of Goldgenie Laban Roomes said they decided to introduce cryptocurrency payments due to their increasing popularity.

“We had to start offering payment options for cryptocurrency, it’s a no brainer, there are so many individuals and companies out there holding Bitcoin and a host of other digital assets with nothing to spend it on.

“I personally know two cryptocurrency multi-millionaires, who are both under the age of 30 and started investing not even 3 years: they have been offering to pay me in crypto for some time now.

“Cryptocurrency is the future and as a company we believe this is a natural progression in e-commerce.

“To accept crypto online has already started to pay dividends for us, with an order of just over 11 Bitcoins received yesterday for some pieces in our Gold watch range which may not have sold otherwise.

 “We welcome the evolution of this new currency,” said Laban.


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